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The Peruvian Army’s Pachacutec Bread

Have you heard of the Army’s latest innovative (and edible) idea to aid those stricken by natural disasters?

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Beer stewarding in the Sacred Valley

A week-long craft beer competition held in the Eden of Peru, the Sacred Valley, resulted in one Peruvian brewery being named best of the competition. Can you guess which one?

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5 cooking classes that bring the heat

Workshops are the best, especially when they are food related. From March 9-18 you will be able to take your cooking skills to the next level.

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Just another Peruvian food story?

Where does the name ‘Papa a la Huancaina’ originate from? This British expat lists the Top 5 Most Interesting Food Stories she’s heard in Peru.

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Puno to host World Congress on Quinoa

The international conference aims to promote the grain not only as a product to global markets, but as a way to reduce poverty and hunger in Peru’s Andes.

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Pisco's Ours

Do Peruvians approve of Pisco Sours made by expats? One of the Expat Pisco Sour Competition judges shares his thoughts on the good, the bad, and the overly cinnamon enhanced.

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Did your country represent at this year’s Pisco Sour competition? (PHOTOS)

Living in Peru and Internations hosted the annual Expat Pisco Sour Competition at Caplina Restaurant. If you missed it, you can get a taste here.

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Where to celebrate Pisco Sour Day in Peru and beyond

It may be National Pisco Sour Day this Saturday, but borders don’t have to keep you from celebrating the Peruvian cocktail.