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Low-calorie, one-dish: Locro with loche (RECIPE)

Locro has been around for hundreds of years and is a quick and healthy way to warm up in the winer, or stay fit for the summer. Have you tried this version?

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Recipe: Callao Mussels (Video)

Looking for a fresh recipe for summer? Martin Morales has just what your taste buds want.

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Purple Potato Causita (RECIPE)

The holidays are near, and this year we want to break tradition of the classic green and red and introduce a touch of purple with this delicious dish!

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Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cake

Thanks to Olivia Tortas, now you can bake your own cake and eat it, too.

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Recipe: Quinoa Salad (Video)

Learn how to make Quinoa Salad with Martin Morales. It's quick, fun and very healthy using ingredients bought from your local supermarket.

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Recipe: Picarones, Peruvian doughnuts (VIDEO)

One of Peru’s pride and joys when it comes to desserts is picarones. Below Manuel Villacorta shows us how to easily prepare this classic treat.

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Recipe: Emoliente

The sun may be shining, but at night it’s the perfect temperature for some emoliente.

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Recipe: Quinoa with Porcini Mushrooms

Josefinna Vallvé, chef at Hotel B, shares her recipe for a succulent quinoa dish exclusively with Living in Peru.