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7,000 Year-Old Human Remains Found In Peruvian Andes

Archaeological site in Puno unearths some of the best evidence yet for permanent ancient occupation of the highest habitable regions of the Andes.

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Peruvian whale fossil linked to new extinct genus

The fossil was put on display in Japan’s Gamagori Museum of Earth, Life and the Sea in 1999 after being discovered 26 years ago in the desert of Peru.

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Human and feline trophy heads excavated near Toro Muerto, Arequipa

Twelve human trophy head and one feline trophy head have been found in a cemetery close to Toro Muerto.

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New pre-Inca tombs and Mochica temple found

The remains date back to around 4,000 years ago and belong to formative pre-Inca cultures.

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Protecting the historic Chuquitanta Wall

This week some much needed cleaning began around the archeological monument, the Chuquitanta Wall, in the district of San Martí­n de Porres.

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Peru's Chan Chan archaeological site photographed by drones (PHOTOS)

Technology is giving researchers a helping hand at sites like Chan Chan.

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Santo Domingo geoglyphs still in danger from invaders

The geoglyphs in the gorge of Santo Domingo in Trujillo continue to face invasion by agricultural invaders.

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Seals accused of spreading TB to the Americas

Human remains found in Peru point to the water animal for spreading a disease that is perhaps younger than previously thought, according to new research.