Cuzco: US Medical Student Perishes in Hiking Accident

The body of Seth Thomas was found last weekend in Cuzco after he attempted to cross a mountaintop.

Cuzco: Cleanup Day at Saqsaywaman After Inti Raymi Festival (PHOTOS)

250 Municipal workers and 170 volunteers collect 45 tons of garbage after Inti Raymi celebration.

Machu Picchu: New Archaeological Finds from Inca Citadel Released

Researchers from Machu Picchu Archaeological Park found a stone paved floor and a vessel for rituals.

Cuzco: 11 Meters of Inca Wall Vandalized

Two suspects were identified by security cameras after 40 stone pieces of the Coricancha wall in Cuzco were affected by black spray paint.

Rica Chicha: A Space For Popular Culture In Cuzco

The Moreyra Cristí¬≥bal family has initiated a cultural enterprise in Cuzco that mixes food, music, art and Andean roots.

Cuzco Plans Strike to Demand Results for Long Awaited International Airport

Schools closed and public transportation suspended as protests are planned to march in hopes of pressuring the government’s decision after political battling stalls project.

Higher-quality education to Urubamba students

More than 200 young Peruvians from 11 ethnicities of Bajo Urubamba are able to access the educational programs sponsored by Pluspetrol.

Quadriplegic makes Machu Picchu dream come true

Philip Stephens, a quadriplegic adventurer from Sydney, is an example that there are no excuses to conquer one's dreams.