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From Lima to New York: Award Winning Peruvian Film "Rosa Chumbe" (VIDEO)

The film touches on the harder realities of modern Peruvian life from a mother's perspective.

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Peruvian jewelers at Hong Kong fair

Peru will be displaying their products at an Asian jewellery fair for trade opportunities.

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Viña del Mar: Peruvian musicians leave audiences amazed

Peruvian performers enchanted the public at Viña del Mar with Afro Peruvian tunes. And the excitement it isn’t over yet, as the Chilean fest continues this week.

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Peruvian artist who plays dress up gets int'l love

Christian Fuchs dresses up and poses as his ancestors, including long ago aunts, and BBC can’t get enough of it.

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Peruvian dancer took part in Lady Gaga's Super Bowl show

Moving to the US East Coast to pursue a career in dancing proved fruitful for this Peruvian who became one of Gaga’s Little Monsters last Sunday.

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Irish President welcomes Peruvian-Irish community

Nearly a week before his historic visit to Peru, President Higgins spent opened his home to the Peruvian-Irish community.

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Trump vs Mexico: Where does Peru stand?

Will Latin American countries stand together as the US President practices protectionism?

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NYTimes samples "transvestite Peruvian" food in Chile

The American daily spends “36 hours in Sanitago”, and writes of the unique scene of fusion foods in Chile’s capital.