Saturday: Istanbul State Symphony to Perform in Lima

Lima’s Grand National Theatre will tomorrow receive the acclaimed Turkish orchestra with a special presentation by violinist Vadim Repin.

3 New Fires Blaze in Lima

A government storage building, a warehouse store and a restaurant caught fire yesterday resulting in the deployment of more than 500 volunteer firefighters; one of the fires continues into the morning.

Lima: New Law Seeks to Regulate Groundwater Usage

A law to control the indiscriminate use of groundwater by industries in the capital is unanimously supported by initial commission and awaits final approval by Congress.

Humble Startup: A Mobile Library in Miraflores

Pilar Mují¬≠ca brings her contagious passion for reading to others on the Miraflores boardwalk in Lima, Peru.

4 Essential Literary Houses of Lima (PHOTOS)

Celebrate Peru’s literary legacy with a tour of Lima’s historic sites.

KFC Restaurant Closed in Lima for Poor Hygienic Conditions

This Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in San Juan de Lurigancho has been temporarily closed because it failed to meet sanitation requirements.

Fires Leave Lima and Callao with Polluted Air

National Meteorological Service states that air quality was affected by the fires in Mesa Ronda and in warehouse of Callao.

Major Fire in Central Lima

The fire broke out in the gallery of a major commercial shopping center and took more than 3 hours to control.