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Peru: Moyobamba Achieves Guinness World Record with Traditional Dance

More than 1,500 couples of the capital of San Martin Department united for the achievement, certified by a Guinness World Records representative, performing the largest traditional dance Peru ever recorded.

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Anomalous Wave Patterns Alert for Peruvian Shoreline

The Peruvian Navy recommends that the coastal population and people carrying out port, fishing and recreational activities take safety measures to avoid personal and material injuries.

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Peru's Prime Minister Explains Economic Reactivation Plan

Acting currently as Minister of Economy and Finance, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala highlights the government’s plan for economic reactivation.

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PPK Evaluates Pardon of Incarcerated Ex-President Alberto Fujimori

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski returns to issue of a possible pardon for Alberto Fujimori during a moment of high political tension. What are his reasons and what are the implications?

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More Than 11% of Peruvians Keep Their Savings Outside Formal Financial System

Banks have a difficult task ahead of them to integrate Peruvians who keep their savings “under the mattress” into the formal financial system.

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Two Museums and Bank Team Up on Nazca Culture Exposition

This temporary exposition is the largest that MALI has ever hosted and allows the public to truly experience the Nazca culture. It also includes a multimedia section dedicated to the famous geoglyphs.

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National Institute Reports Peru Has Lost 57% of its Glaciers

In 54 years, glacier cover has reduced from 1,035 km2 to 445 km2, according to National Glacier Inventory.

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Peru: Companies Investing in Startups to Receive Tax Benefits

In response to low levels of investment in innovation and development in Peru, the Ministry of Produce seeks to create incentives for the private sector.