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LATAM first to receive Airbus A320neo

The Latin American based airline will be the first in the Western Hemisphere to operate the newest Airbus.

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Colca Valley opens new tourist route

The Pincholla hot springs offer a new destination for tourists who want to witness volcanic activity.

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Fiestas Patrias generates travel from Lima to other Peruvian cities

Domestic tourism rates are expected to rise during the upcoming holiday.

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Grape Harvest Festival: Day 1

The gastronomic festival kicked off yesterday and runs until Sunday, May 22, in Surco.
All photos Aaron Heredia

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Canatur expects tourist arrivals to increase by 3% in 2016

The Chamber of Tourism expects the Schengen visa waiver agreement to increase flow between Europe and Peru regions.

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Peruvian Paso horse competition takes place in Lambayeque

Taking place from Friday, Oct. 31 to Sunday, Nov. 2, the competition aims to bring together a wide variety of quality gaited horses.

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Over 15,000 visitors expected for livestock fair in Lambayeque

They’ll be a Livestock Beauty Pageant and a Cuy (guinea pig) fashion show!

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Important changes made to U.S. passport rules

Updates to keep travels, far and near, stress-free.