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5 Impressive Ancient Ruins Besides Machu Picchu (PHOTOS)

Peru is a true treasure trove of archaeological wonders. The sites included here are known as the “Other Machu Picchus” and are every bit as worthwhile. How many have you seen?

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Inspired Family Journey: Off to Ica

Continue the inspired adventure of the Gaudet family as they leave the City of Kings and make their way down to the salty shores and sandy dunes of Ica.

Series 6: Seldom Visited Sites Last Edition

Many of us know about the Inti Raymi sun ceremony, but have you heard of the Killa Raymi celebration of the moon?

Growing Salt: The Salineras

Are you a big fan of Sal de Maras? So were the pre-Incan societies! Learn more about the Salineras and how to hike the salt road on your own.

First Stop, City of Kings (PHOTOS)

Continue the inspired family adventure series and check out what happens when they arrive in the city of Lima.

Part One: San Pedro de Casta (LONG READ)

A travel story enriched with historical and cultural understandings that every “woke” traveler will want to read.

Series 5: Seldom Visited Sites Andenes Zurite

Just west of Cusco you can explore the largest continuous terrace in the region, if not in all of Peru.

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Huacho: the place to be to practice water sports.

La Encantada lagoon is just 10 minutes from the center of Huacho and is the perfect place to enjoy tubing and flyboarding.