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Get to know 8 luxury hotels around Peru

Check out these 8 luxury hotels that are sure to make your travel experience in Peru memorable.

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Luciano Mazzetti: "No tours, no schedule"

Leave your comfort zone and try new ways of traveling with Luciano Mazzetti, host of the new food and travel online series, Viaja y Prueba.

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Searching for the Cock of the Rock in Tingo Maria

Until the mid 1930s, central Peru’s Tingo Maria was considered unreachable. A young expat dives in deep and reveals his recent adventure.

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Ayacucho: The spirit of Holy Week

There is one city more prepared than any other when it comes to the celebrations of Semana Santa, or Holy Week in Peru. And that is Ayacucho.

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Goñicutac: Discover the stunning city of Pasco (PHOTOS)

Have you ever been to this tourist spot in Pasco? Perhaps some of you are having difficulties just pronouncing the name, but it’s one to add to your list of places to visit.

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Pedal South bike across Peru (PHOTOS)

The fantastic four of Pedal South are nearing the end of their route from Alaska to Argentina. Here’s a look into their memories of biking through Peru. (All photos courtesy of Pedal South )

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Cotabambas: Yawar Fiesta and condor hunting

Aspects of a traditional festival in Peru’s highlands have become controversial as rules against animal mistreatment become tighter.

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Tales from the Road: A charity walk across Peru

From the coast to the jungle there is much to see of Peru. Can you imagine traveling across the nation by foot? That’s what these two adventurers plan to do in September.