Series 4: Seldom Visited Sites Naupa Iglesia

Climb up the terraces in the Sacred Valley to reach this ancient and majestical Incan church.

Series 3: Seldom Visted Sites

Want to expand the scope of your Sacred Valley tour? Visit the Inkariy Museum and terraces of Urco where you can discover more about pre-Inka culture.

Seldom Visited Places Series 2: Pikillacta

In this series of Seldom Visited Places, find out Lyle Walker’s next best kept secret of the Sacred Valley. Can you believe that it is pre-Inkan?

The Camino Inca Urquillos on Foot: You will Feel Like a Local!

Inca ruins, waterfalls, eucalyptus groves, tranquility, all downhill, and a massive river to cross at the end. What more could you ask for in a hiking trail?

Huarocondo: A place to enjoy true local hospitality

Take a trip off the beaten track and immerse yourself in sun-drenched fields of quinoa and views of the Andes that will take your breath away.

Seldom Visited Places: Tipón

Is it possible to visit the Cusco region and avoid swarms of tourists? Take a look at the first in a series of seldom visited locations.

The Sacred Valley: Getting there

What’s your preferred way to travel: taking the scenic route or opting for something economic? There’s no wrong way when your final destination is the Sacred Valley.

5 landmarks of Cusco

Machu Picchu? Nope, not on this list. There’s more to this southeastern region than the Inca citadel, just take look.