Part One: San Pedro de Casta (LONG READ)

A travel story enriched with historical and cultural understandings that every “woke” traveler will want to read.

Series 5: Seldom Visited Sites Andenes Zurite

Just west of Cusco you can explore the largest continuous terrace in the region, if not in all of Peru.

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Huacho: the place to be to practice water sports.

La Encantada lagoon is just 10 minutes from the center of Huacho and is the perfect place to enjoy tubing and flyboarding.

Series 4: Seldom Visited Sites Naupa Iglesia

Climb up the terraces in the Sacred Valley to reach this ancient and majestical Incan church.

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Semana Santa 2017: Southern Peru destinations to visit

Do you have plans for Semana Santa? Take the time to travel and visit some of these southern spots.

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Independent Travel to the Islands of Lake Titicaca

Want to take a trip on your own to the Islands of Lake Titicaca but do not know how to organize it? Find the information you need in this article!

Series 3: Seldom Visted Sites

Want to expand the scope of your Sacred Valley tour? Visit the Inkariy Museum and terraces of Urco where you can discover more about pre-Inka culture.

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PHIMA Voyages: Private Nature Reserve of Chaparri

Voyage through dry forests, view rescued animals and animals in their natural habitats; become a part of an experience where the whole community is involved. Find out how.