Southern Peru

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A Butterfly Across Peru: Lake Titicaca

Homestays are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a different culture while giving back to the local communities, as one traveler shares in her personal experience.

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Caleta San José: a beautiful hidden destination in Arequipa

This breathtaking destination is surrounded by beaches, some of which are considered the most beautiful in Peru.

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How to do Arequipa and Puno in 5 days

Is it possible to visit some of Arequipa’s and Puno’s best attractions in less than a week? With ample planning, lots of trekking and memories to last a lifetime, yes. How many of these sites can you check off your list? (All photos: Noelina Rissman/Living in Peru)

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A Butterfly Across Peru: Colca Canyon

What is it like to travel alone down the world’s deepest canyon? Let this Italian adventure seeker tell you.

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5 landmarks of Puno

Fresh off of its 348th anniversary, Puno is a majestic city full of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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Puno, folkloric capital of Peru, celebrates anniversary

Festivities have been taking place this entire first week of November, all in honor of southern Peru’s majestic Puno.

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The Gringos' Road

Why is this route considered a must for tourists? Take a look.

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Aranwa's Enchanted Village in Colca

This getaway in Colca Canyon is worth the trek.