2016's Top Recipes

2016's Top Recipes

These 5 recipes from contributors and fans of Living in Peru proved to be the most popular with our readers this year. What was your favorite?

While it certainly would be ideal, going out to eat for every meal of the day is not realistic for most of us. Proving you can take advantage of the Peruvian palette and native goods without a high cost of time or money, the following five recipes published on Living in Peru were the most popular in 2016. Yet the important question remains: When are you inviting us over for dinner?

1. Maca smoothie for fertility and better sex
This quick mix certainly had an eye-catching title, spouting the much revered benefits of the Peruvian super root, maca. As nutrient-packed as the smoothie itself, this article provided a lot of information as why maca has become a favorite among nutritionists and health fanatics.

2. Family Secrets: Arroz con pollo
This classic Peruvian dish appears in many households, yet each humble chef (or grandmother) seems to lend their own flavor to the staple. Katie Choy, author of a 2016 cookbook, Experience the Flavors of Peru, shares her grandmother’s recipe, approved my numerous generations, with our community.

3. Maca breakfast smoothie
Once again maca finds its way on our list of top recipes, only this time in a more “family friendly” manner. Regarded as a natural energizer, this smoothie promotes starting your day with just the right boost. Made with almond milk and dates, this could be a cool and light way to enjoy breakfast this summer.

4. Callao mussels
Martin Morales, the Peruvian chef shaking up the dining scene in the UK, uses his charm to turn us onto mussels in this instructional video. Commonly known as ‘choritos a la chalaca’, this seafood dish is topped with sweetcorn and tomatoes, providing a great addition of color to the table this summer.

5. Ultimate superfood salad
Once again, a video from Morales’ Youtube channel, “Martin’s Peruvian Kitchen,” provided us with a knockout combo of fresh ingredients inspired by Peru. Incorporating native fruits, seeds and peppers, this salad ends up looking like another Peruvian classic, causa. Take a look!

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