Restaurant Review: Alfresco

Restaurant Review: Alfresco

Jason RetzHidden in the corner on the very touristed Balta Boardwalk in Miraflores, is a seafood restaurant worth discovering.

(Photo: Joseph Diaz Romero/Living in Peru)
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There’s a restaurant on the Balta Boardwalk, just passing the Britanico, called Alfresco. It’s been there for quite a while, but it often goes overlooked, retaining an almost kitsch status. Before I went in, I wouldn’t think it to be a marine restaurant although the menu and interior décor were what tipped it. I was taken back by some of the things I sampled though. Apart from the excellent attention, the food wasn’t exactly “cutting edge”  but savory, aromatic, and nearly everything was at that “melt in your mouth” stage of cooking.

(Photo: Joseph Diaz Romero/Living in Peru)

Something I’d like to point out is that they name some of their dishes after boats, which can be seen in the title of our first sample; the octopus “Llaüt”. The octopus was cooked confit for 24 hours, finished on the grill and served with confected Limo aji and caramelized onion. The octopus’ legs pulled apart like brisket on the palate.

The Crunchy Causas were interesting, with a wasabi mayonnaise and a sour cream sauce base. The entrees were something else. The Osso Buco we ordered was AMAZING, tender, and full of marrow (which is super if that’s your jive). The risotto pairing it off was excellently perfumed with porcini mushrooms which balanced nicely with the intensity of the red wine sauce. Their warm fish dishes weren’t exactly my “favorite” though. We got the catch of the day in an artichoke sauce which didn’t really taste like artichoke (or much else). The fish was cooked nicely and the vegetables were interesting although the pairings on most of the options seemed very “European” to me: steamed vegetables sautéed in butter, asparagus, and zucchinis, apart from simple pasta or rice dishes.

Then we ordered the Coconut Tuna which was superb. The coconut sauce was sweet and extremely perfumed, which seemed to be a constant with this restaurant. The tuna, sadly though, was way too overcooked. I like my tuna medium, we got nearly well done. Not to mention the extremely long time it took to get our orders out.

(Photo: Joseph Diaz Romero/Living in Peru)

The drinks were great. You could immediately tell their use of quality products. Every drink we ordered gave a unique experience with perfect balance in flavor, nothing overly sweet either. There was a large option of drinks too including lower alcohol drinks made with some local craft beer, cava, and fruit juices that really portray the best in each drink. Again nothing cutting edge, but an excellent delivery and know-how. I’d even go back just for the drinks.

Given the tourist hub in which it’s located, I think it surpasses that of which is normally equated to as a ‘œtourist trap.’ As a seafood restaurant, I really appreciated their cold selection. But as warm entrees go, I thought the osso buco was better than both of the fish. Would I go again? If I was in the area and didn’t want to walk that far, I’d repeat it.

Malecon Balta 790, Miraflores
Telephone: (01) 2428960
Street Parking and valet parking

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