Restaurant Review: Fiamma Parrilla & Pasta

Restaurant Review: Fiamma Parrilla & Pasta

Sheila Christensen JeanneauWhat to expect? First class customer service, decent price for the quality and an assorted menu perfect for a family outing.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)
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Back in 2012, Living in Peru visited Fiamma Parrilla & Pasta for the first time. During that visit, the team sampled some of their popular grilled beef (American Angus and Argentinian) and pasta dishes, which Fiamma typically specializes in. During our visit a couple weeks ago, we shared a variety of their more casual fare such as chicken wings, hamburger, milanesa, ribs, and pizza. All of the food was properly prepared and well presented.

Fiamma has been open at this location for the past 11 years and they have enjoyed a good reputation due to their reliable and consistently good food and excellent customer service. The price to quality ratio is decent as well. Fiamma is popular during the weekdays for work and business-related lunches due to the many offices in the vicinity as well as the proximity of the U.S. Embassy. The evenings and weekends cater more to families and friends. Fiamma enjoys steady repeat customers. Most weekday lunches the restaurant is full as it was the day of our visit.

Perhaps you may have passed Fiamma in the past and noticed their large red cow sculpture that resides outside in front of the restaurant. The dining area inside Fiamma is spacious and elegant and allows for discreet conversation. There is also an outdoor terrace with ample seating.

I was very impressed by the first class customer service received at the tables at Fiamma. The waiters were obviously experienced and professional. They were well-versed on the menu items and most importantly’¦courteous, attentive and prompt. Customer service is a big part of the enjoyment of dining out.

Fiamma has an assorted menu and you will find a variety of starters, salads, burgers, risottos, pizzas, pastas, grilled meats as well as a few fish, pork and lamb dishes. Several items on the menu are ideal for vegetarians as well.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

We began our dining experience with a courtesy dish (piqueo del dí­a), which was the salmon carpaccio with arugula and capers along with their excellent ‘œhousemade’ bread accompanied by butter and chimichurri sauce. From there we began with the chicken wings (alitas picantes con bastones de apio y ensalada de papas y manzanas, S/. 31), which were a decent version of wings with a little hint of a spicy kick and accompanied with traditional celery sticks and blue cheese sauce along with a delightful potato and apple salad.

We were pleasantly surprised by their Funghi burger (S/. 39). The patty was 100% Angus beef served with a generous amount of sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and melted provolone cheese. The burger was accompanied by a coleslaw which incorporated sauerkraut as well as a peppery and flavorful mushroom sauce. The fried potatoes were prepared with potatoes from the Tumbay region and were glorious in both their flavor and crispy, not greasy texture.

The Milanesa Neapolitana (S/. 51) was prepared with a large portion of thinly sliced and breaded beef and topped off with mild tomato sauce, ham, and melted cheese with herbs and accompanied by a small arugula and cherry tomato salad. The ratios were perfect so no ingredient overwhelmed the other. I also enjoyed this dish because it was crispy and tender. Many times milanesa is overcooked and tough, but this rendition was prepared properly. The portion easily could be shared between two people or one hungry diner. There are three other milanesa options on the menu as well.

When I lived in Chicago for many years, ribs were something that we took great pride in preparing and eating. The Costillas de Cerdo con Ensalada de Papas y Manazana (S/. 49) did not disappoint. This slab of barbecued pork ribs was meaty, tender, and perfectly cooked. The amount of barbecue sauce brushed liberally on the ribs was the right amount for me, although a side of barbecue sauce was on the plate for those that like their ribs on the wetter side. Excellent rendition of ribs.

Pizzas are one of the big sellers during the evening hours at Fiamma. The day of our visit we sampled the Fiamma Pizza (S/. 39) which was comprised of Roquefort cheese, prosciutto, and arugula. I was expecting this thin crust pizza to be much more crispy in texture. The flavors were good though. The pizza, in my opinion, was nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

The Fondue de Chocolate (S/. 39) was a wonderful way to end our dining experience at Fiamma. A large platter arrived with five large pieces each of green apple, strawberries, brownie bites, pineapple, and marshmallows. We dipped our skewers generously into the warm chocolate sauce in the middle of the platter and polished off this chocolate fondue. This would be an ideal dessert to share among a small group of people.

Besides the food, Fiamma has a full-service bar with an array of cocktails as well as an extensive wine list. If you enjoy pisco sours, be sure to order one of theirs which uses the Finca Rotundo brand. We found it to have the perfect ratio of pisco, lime juice, and simple syrup and not overly sweet. Each month Fiamma also has a ‘œwine of the month’ where they offer specific wines with special discounted prices and offers.

Fiamma Parrilla & Pasta
C.C. El Polo Plaza
Av. El Polo 759
Phone: 436-2520
Capacity: 98 persons
Parking lot behind restaurant (complimentary 2-hour parking)
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 12:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Courtesy dish + Bread & Butter: S/. 9
Starters: S/. 23-79
Salads: S/. 37-39
BBQ & Milanesas: S/. 31-51
Grilled dishes: S/. 26-99
Angus Steaks: S/. 99-119
Hamburgers: S/. 37-39
Beef: S/. 49-69
Pastas: S/. 37-59
Risottos: S/. 43-53
Filled Pastas/Lasagnas: S/. 39-43
Pizzas: S/. 39
House Specialties: S/. 59-79
Desserts: S/. 19-39
Full/extensive wine list
Full cocktail list

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