After Questioning of Minister, Congress Awaits Report to Decide on Vote

After Questioning of Minister, Congress Awaits Report to Decide on Vote

Mike Dreckschmidt

Minister Martí­n Vizcarra responded to questions from a majority opposition congress for 10 hours yesterday. He now awaits possible vote for impeachment.

Vice-President and Minister of Transportation Martin Vizcarra responded calmly and in detail to all 83 questions presented about high public costs of the Chinchero contract for the construction of a new international airport in Cuzco. However, Congress remained unsatisfied with his explanations, La Republica reports.

Vizcarra explained that the details of the contract were outlined during the presidency of Ollanta Humala, and withdrawing the contract from the company Kuntur Wasi would lead to legal battles. At the same time, postponing the project would require a much higher expenditure for the state than simply moving forward with the contract. Hence, the decision had been made to advance despite some unfavorable terms.

Fuerza Popular, the party of jailed ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori that remains the majority in congress, is awaiting the official report of the questioning to formally decide whether to call a vote for impeachment. Although the party denies it, there appears to be at least some political motive behind these questionings, as some members of the party seem to have already made up their mind.

“Before you submit to an impeachment, the best thing you could do is resign,” Fuerza Popular spokesman Daniel Salaverry stated, as reported by El Comercio. Similar words were spoken to former Minister of Education Jaime Saveedra before he was voted out of office by the same congresspeople despite his achievements in lifting education levels and developing education reform in Peru during his 3 years in the position.

Meanwhile, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski spoke in Ayacucho about this and his cabinet’s priority of eliminating corruption at every scale of government. He awaits to see the fate of his Vice-President the following week.

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