A Bird Watcher's Paradise: The Richest in the World

A Bird Watcher's Paradise: The Richest in the World

Mike Dreckschmidt

Ornithologist states that route through northern Peru has no equal when it comes to biodiversity of birds

Ornithologist Jeremy Flanagan claims that many birdwatchers agree that Northern Peru’s bird-watching route through Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Amazonas, and San Martin is the best in the world. Why? Biodiversity.

First of all, Peru contains 20% of all bird species in the world, and 62% of the species that are found in South America.

More than 2/3 of Peru’s species, or roughly 1263 of the total 1830, can be observed on this route.

Birdwatchers invest a lot of money to practice their hobby or profession in Peru. In fact, Mariela Malca, tourism consultant, estimates that each tourist that comes to Peru looking to birdwatch spends an average $700 per day and no less than $6000 in their entire stay for a tour of 15 days, as reported by El Comercio.

In other words, this is no trifling matter, it is big tourism business for the northern departments of Peru, and yet another reason to respect and preserve the natural environment and its species.

Are you interested? Learn more about the route here.

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