CPI Survey: Keiko Fujimori with 42.3% and PPK with 40.1%

CPI Survey: Keiko Fujimori with 42.3% and PPK with 40.1%

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Keiko Fujimori is leading the campaign’s second round against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski according to the latest CPI survey.

Popular Strength presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori would defeat Peruvians for Change presidential candidate Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) in the second round, according to the latest CPI survey.

Carried out between April 26 and 27, the survey was conducted just 37 days before the second round is scheduled to take place on June 5.

Keiko Fujimori leads the poll with 42.3% ahead of PPK’s 40.1%, a total of 8.7% of blank votes and 8.9% of the votes still undecided.

100% of votes counted: Fujimori with 39.85%, PPK 20.99%, Mendoza 18.80%

The CPI poll also demonstrates where the support for each candidate is focused. For PPK, his votes are concentrated in the Lima Metropolitan area where he obtained 46% and his opponent obtained 43.8%.

Keiko Fujimori’s support is found in the interior, where she wins 41.6% of the votes against PPK’s 36.9%.

As for the anti-vote, the two presidential candidates are at a tie: Keiko Fujimori with 43.6% and PPK with 43.5% of opposing votes.

Peruvians will go to the polls to vote for their next president on June 5.

Who do you think will be elected, Living in Peru readers?

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