Digital Publicity is Catching On in Peru

Digital Publicity is Catching On in Peru

Mike Dreckschmidt

2016 saw a 13% rise in profits generated by digital publicity. How does this compare to other Latin American countries?

El Comercio reports that in 2016, digital publicity moved S/268 million, thereby growing 13% from the year before, according to a GFK study.

The study also showed that the Internet is the 2nd most important medium for publicity with 11.9% of the total national investment. Television still stands strong in first at 50.8%.

Are we seeing a digital transformation in the country? The increased use of cell phones to connect and the rapid expansion of the internet in Peru have likely changed the dynamic of advertising in the country for good.

On the other hand, Peru is still in 5th place (behind Brasil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia) in digital publicity investment in Latin America.

It also begs the question: is investment in digital publicity a good indicator for the progress of a society? Let us know what you think here at Living in Peru.

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