Discovering the Secrets of Alto Mayo

Discovering the Secrets of Alto Mayo

Mike Dreckschmidt

A group of 50 scientists to investigate surface and subterranean biodiversity of this protected natural area in the north-central department of San Martí­n.

SERNANP, The National Service for Protected Areas of Peru, reported that a group of 50 scientists made up of both Peruvian and foreign professionals will make an expedition into the Alto Mayo river basin mountains in mid-August.

The Alto Mayo protected area is located in the high jungle region of Peru and holds much to discover both above and below the surface.

The scientists seek to investigate not only biodiversity above ground, but also below it, crossing the karsts of Cerro Blanco which are calcareous formations carved out by the movement of water.

El Comercio reports that One of their primary goals, apart from biodiversity, is to collect information to identify water sources that supply the local populations, as well as to analyze short and long term changes in these sources.

In addition, the scientific expedition will carry out a study on the impact of the development of sustainable local tourism on underground ecosystems. The long term goal is to create a sustainable tourism circuit which will go hand in hand with protecting the beautiful caves found in the protected area.

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