Explore One Of Peru's Magnificent Stone Forests In 4k Drone Footage (VIDEO)

Explore One Of Peru's Magnificent Stone Forests In 4k Drone Footage (VIDEO)

Mike Dreckschmidt

Have a few extra days in Lima? Check out the Marcahausi plateau featuring a stone forest, spectacular views of the Cordillera, and uncovered mysteries of the past…

Marcahuasi plateau is an incredible tourist destination that is within reach of many tourists but visited by few. Not far from Lima, it now boasts a new and improved tourist infrastructure so as to capitalize on its prime location for those tourists who have an extra two days to spend in the capital but would rather spend them hiking in the Andes.

Why visit the plateau? For one, it boasts a magnificent view over the part of the Andean Cordillera that passes through the department of Lima. It also possesses one of Peru’s most unique stone forests as many of the rocks have distinctive animal shapes.

Marcahausi also holds mysteries for those who are inclined toward the extraterrestrial: it has been the sight of several claimed UFO sightings and a subject for investigation by those passionate about these possibilities.

Check out this video to find out why the plateau is so remarkable, and don’t miss the chance to visit it for yourself next time you are in Lima.

Video courtesy of: DesdelAire Films Youtube Channel

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