What is the Truth behind Peru’s 3-Fingered Alien Corpse?(VIDEO)

What is the Truth behind Peru’s 3-Fingered Alien Corpse?(VIDEO)

Mike DreckschmidtYet another alien theory of Peru has taken the internet by storm. This time, it’s an alien mummified corpse from Nazca. Let’s see what an organization of Peruvian scientists has to say about it…

Recently, a viral video claiming to show a 3 fingered “mummified alien corpse” that was posted by Gaia, an organization that describes itself as “the world’s largest resource of conscious media”, circulated the web in the usual wave of hype and retaliatory debunking. We have come to anticipate the social media cycle of these kinds of alien theories here at Living in Peru.

In reality, Gaia never explicitly claimed that the corpse is an alien, but it is certainly insinuated in the video. Other sources reported the idea much more boldly and the story went viral with the words “alien mummy.”

The original video from Gaia makes a number of strong claims about the “mummy”, all of which must be verified to prove the validity of any claim that it is “non-human”.

1. The three long fingers: this is the most important characteristic, what makes it unique, and ought to make us think it does not belong to a human species.

2. The head: not our rounded skull, but rather a very protruded skull. It has eyes and a nose but no ears, only little holes.

3. The slate gray skin at the stage of decomposition the corpse had been mummified proves authenticity. Carbon dating has identified the mummy back to 245 AD to 410 AD

4. Nearby petroglyphs from the Nazca culture portray 3 fingered figures in their artwork.

At the end of the video, it is asserted that the organs have not been extracted, so it isn’t exactly a mummy. It is a mummified corpse.

Cientificos.Pe, an online platform of support for scientific investigation in Peru, has dedicated their week to investigating and publishing a couple of articles about the mummified corpse. Involved in the investigation are a number of scientists from Peru’s respected institutions such as Ph.D. Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi of the Department of Paleontology of Vertebrates at the Natural History Museum of the University of San Marcos.

The opening paragraph of their first article on the mummified corpse (in Spanish), although written eloquently and in academic style, can barely contain their disappointment and contempt for the fact that, despite Peru’s incredible and rarely matched archaeological richness, they must now dedicate their time to debunking a theory that not only lacks respect and understanding for Peru’s ancient civilizations but also implies the tampering and destruction of cultural heritage.

Here is a summary of their conclusions:

1. The alien mummy is in a typical fetal position with a deformed cranium that is a result of traditional practices of Pre-Colombian cultures. A preliminary investigation by the “alien investigators” would have revealed that Pre-Colombian cultures practiced deformation of the cranium and even practiced trepanation, an early form of brain surgery.

2. It is unlikely from an evolutionary perspective that if this was a separate creature with three hand and feet digits that it would have evolved from a body that is otherwise identical to a human; we would likely see other anatomical changes in the arm bones, hands, legs, and feet that are observed in other creatures with three digits.

3. These types of “alien mummies” are made with remains of both human and animal bones, in the majority of cases combined. The parts that are human are apparently real and pass the carbon dating as well as the “gray skin” test that is used in the video. This particular “mummy” has had two of its fingers and toes removed and the three remainders have been extended using extra phalange bones.

The Ministry of Culture has also proclaimed about the mummified corpse. They stated that it was not possible to determine the character of the site of excavation (archaeological or not) because the site is unknown to them and that it was not possible to determine if the specimens (if they are, in fact, real) from the video are of an alien or archaeological character. In technical terms, they basically told the public that nothing of scientific truth can be concluded about the mummified corpse from the video.

The Public Ministry of Peru is currently launching an investigation into the possibility of illegal excavation of or tampering with archaeological artifacts related to this case.

If you are interested in seeing the original video we have posted it below, courtesy of Gaia Youtube Channel. As for the truth, we have presented the claims and the evidence seems to stack against alien life forms once again. We leave it to you, the reader, to decide.

Let us know what you think here at Living in Peru.

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  1. Hookie
    July 01, 01:55 Reply
    Man, how stupid were these ancient alien people to hand over this monstrosity to real scientists to look at?
  2. Danny
    September 26, 01:31 Reply
    Did you really expect the powers that be to confirm that aliens really exist? Duh! Of course you are told it's a hoax.Have they Ever said anything to do with aliens was real? Remember Roswell? Wake up sleepers we exist and so do they.

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