Film from Trujillo shown on French screens (VIDEO)

Film from Trujillo shown on French screens (VIDEO)

Ana Gamero

Marinera performances, delicious dishes from the north of Peru and an encouraging story are ready to conquer the French public. Check out the trailer!

Deliciosa Fruta Seca is one of the upcoming releases in France.

It is a film that features Peruvian director and screenwriter Ana Caridad Sí¬°nchez. Its world premiere was on April 27 at the ninth edition of Cinemí¬° Péruvien Festival in Paris.

The filmmaker and star of the film Claudia Dammert, traveled to France to present Deliciosa Fruta Seca, which was selected as Best Feature in Peru. In the film, Claudia portrays a 65-year-old widow called Marialicia who realizes that her life is not fulfilled and decides to take action and become a Marinera dancer. The film is set in Trujillo, the original place of Marinera.

Ana Caridad Sanchez explains to El Comercio that she decided to introduce Marina to the film because she considers that Marinera is not only a dance, but a way to reflect someone’s fear, passion, and love.

(Video: Youtube/Totora Producciones)

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