An Historic Moment: United States Capital to Celebrate Peruvian Gastronomy Day

An Historic Moment: United States Capital to Celebrate Peruvian Gastronomy Day

Mike Dreckschmidt

Thanks to Peru’s growing recognition among international cuisine, Washington D.C. has set an annual day to celebrate the excellence and diversity that is Peruvian food.

Earlier this year, Washinton D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that every first Sunday of June will henceforth be known as the official Peruvian Gastronomy Day. On that day, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Magali Silva declared that “this decision reflects the international recognition of Peruvian cuisine.”

El Comercio reports that on June 4, the first annual Peruvian Gastronomy Day in history, the University of the District of Columbia will be putting on an event called “Taste of Peru” where 28 stands will offer a variety of Peruvian plates prepared by real Peruvian chefs that have their own restaurants in the United States. Attendees can expect to find everything from ceviches and regional foods to national drinks and desserts at this smorgasbord.

We at Living in Peru are ecstatic that this event is set to become an annual happening in Washington D.C. and hope to see it spread throughout the states. Why wait? Write your local politician now!

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