How to protect Peru's rainforest?

How to protect Peru's rainforest?

Ana Gamero

Researchers give solutions on how to take care of the Peruvian Amazon. What did they say?

Studies indicate that the most effective way to preserve the Peruvian rain forest is through formal land ownership titles to indigenous communities.

Results show that this method has been effective as forest destruction dropped 75% since the government formally granted the formal titles to indigenous communities reports the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

Indigenous communities who do not have a legal title are exposed to invasion. “Communities without titles don’t have the legal standing to complain to regulators when their lands have been encroached on, “ says Allen Blackman, a senior official with the Inter-American Development Bank and a co-author of the study.

Additionally, once the land is recognized formally, indigenous communities can receive advice on how to use their land better. Government regulators could develop seminars where the communities can get an environmental education.

Amazon protection is a constant worry in Peru due to illegal logging and mining. It is highly important to combat these irregular interventions and preserve the Amazon because it plays a critical role in cleaning the air we breathe.

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