Kitum: Natural disasters real-time data

Kitum: Natural disasters real-time data

Ana Gamero

Kitum is a website that collects information on natural disasters in real time to help rescue teams access the latest news. Find out how to help!

Kitum means “I am here for you' in an Colombian indigenous language. It aims to collect digital information given by volunteers regarding the areas hit by a natural disaster. This technology is crucial to speed up humanitarian work because it creates a system where people can report the latest updates occurring in certain areas. “If there is a road blocked and someone reports it, we can tell the teams to take an alternative route and save time, something that can save lives,” says Luis Fernando Aguilar, head of Kitum.

The website is one of the eleven projects of the III Ibero-American Laboratory of Citizen Innovation, organized by the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) with the support of the Ministry of Culture in Colombia. It was used to record emergencies like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile in 2010 and the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016 and now it is being used to keep Peru informed about El Niño weather phenomenon.

This is a great opportunity for citizens to take part in rescue works and help with the devastating situation that Peru is going through. It is important to stay together during natural disasters and to be informed to avoid any more unforeseen situations.

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