Master chef Toshiro Konishi passes away

Master chef Toshiro Konishi passes away

Phillip Orange

Peru’s beloved Japanese chef passed away Sunday at the age of 63.

The master chef Toshiro Konishi, famed for his Japanese/Nikkei style cooking, passed away yesterday at the age of 63 from cancer.

Gastí³n Acurio confirmed the news and announced that he would give information about the date and hour of the wake.

Toshiro Konishi arrived in Peru in 1977 to support the opening of one of the first establishments dedicated to Japanese food in Lima. The following year he participated in the Festival of Ancon with the rock band he had and came fourth. He also went on to become a recognized TV personality promoting commercial appliances.

Mourning his friend and reminiscing of times spent singing and joking with one another, Gastí³n posted on his Facebook:

“Until soon, Toshiro Konishi, wait for me. I’ll bring the old guitar to continue singing.”

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