National Water Agency Restoring Wetlands in Watershed of Rio Rímac

National Water Agency Restoring Wetlands in Watershed of Rio Rímac

Mike Dreckschmidt

One of Lima’s most important watersheds is getting a recharge high up in its Andean place of origin.

One of the most important watersheds in Peru, that of the Rí­mac river, is being treated by SEDAPAL, the National Water Agency of Peru. These are grand ambitions, but the agency is starting small. Their first step has begun with the Milloc subwatershed as SEDAPAL has installed a natural hydraulic system that will recharge the wetlands of the puna, the high Andean grasslands near where the river originates.

These projects will allow for greater water retention and recharge for the subsection of the river, the importance of which cannot be overstated as the river system is responsible for carrying a large portion of Peru’s population located in the capital of Lima.

This is only the beginning of a series of activities that SEDAPAL has planned in the Rí­mac watershed, and these techniques will also be applied to other important rivers for Lima such as Chillí³n and Lurí­n in order to conserve, recuperate, and sustainably use hydrologic resources.

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