El Niño: 158 People Have Died from Rains and Flooding

El Niño: 158 People Have Died from Rains and Flooding

Translated by Mike Dreckschmidt

The latest report claims to have assessed 95% of the damages and shows that at least 1,372,360 people have been affected by this year’s El Niño.

According to the latest report from the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), the death toll from the rains and floods left by the coastal El Niño event this year rose to 158.

According to the 95% damage assessment report, 1,372,360 people were affected, 293,071 were severeley affected and 334,518 houses were damaged.

It should be noted that those who are disturbed by a phenomenon and who may require immediate support are considered to be affected. Meanwhile, the victims who have been severely affected by a disaster are generally those who have been left without accommodation or housing.

The report also warned of moderate to strong rains with lightning and wind gusts in Loreto, Amazonas, San Martí­n, Cusco, Madre de Dios, Puno, Huí¡nuco, Pasco, Juní­n, and Ucayali.

Source: El Comercio

In a related article by El Comercio, scientist Ken Takahashi from the Geophysical Institute of Peru states that the ocean’s surface temperature has now returned to normal. He rules out the possibility of El Niño continuing into later parts of the year. However, Takahashi also stated that it is “not impossible” for an event of lesser intensity to occur in 2018.

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