Ancient paintings discovered near Machu Picchu

Ancient paintings discovered near Machu Picchu

Alvaro Tassano

The site will remain close as researchers prepare to conduct further investigations.

Over a hundred years after its discovery, Machu Picchu still surprises researchers. Two weeks ago, staff members from Cusco's Cultural Department found in the surrounding areas of the ancient city, pre-Hispanic paintings, which could proof to be older than the Incan culture.

A figure of a llama, a man, and above them a geometric image, were found in the area of Pachamama, on the access road that leads to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu.

In the same area, back in 1912, 4 graves were discovered by the second Peruvian expedition of Yale University, under the direction of Hiram Bingham. However, undergrowth cover most of the paints had remained unnoticed until now.

The discovery site will remain close to conduct further research. Researchers are planning to excavate the site in the near future but will remain extremely careful to preserve the paints, as they've already shown signs of damage and scratches.

(Photo: Rolly Reyna/El Comercio)

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