Peru: Incoming foreigners increased by 13%

Peru: Incoming foreigners increased by 13%

Agnes Rivera

December 2016 was a busy month, though the report shows less arrivals came with work visas. Can you guess which nationality had the greatest count of arrivals?

What could have possibly been driving a greater number of tourists to visit Peru last December? Was it the warming temperatures as summer innocently crept into our lives, the year-round offering of delicious food, or perhaps looking for a brighter future outside of their country?

According to INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Information) a 13% increase of foreigners arrived in December 2016 as compared to the same month of 2015. More than 404,000 tourists, diplomats, among others, landed at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International airport the final month of the year alone.

Interestingly, INEI notes that despite more incoming foreigners, there was a 3.1% decrease in those arriving with work visas.

Of those taken into account, 26.4% of arrivals were of US American nationality. Chileans (8.1%), Colombians (7.7%), Argentinians (7.4%), and Spaniards (6.4%) rounded out the top five nationalities to arrive to the capital’s airport.

Peruvians themselves were also on the move, as INEI reports over 298,000 Peruvians traveled abroad that month, a 7% increase as compared to the year prior. The principal destination was the United States (27.4%), followed in popularity by Spain (11%) and Chile (10.3%).

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