Peru: Latin America's New Major Power? (VIDEO)

Peru: Latin America's New Major Power? (VIDEO)

Mike Dreckschmidt

VisualPolitik Youtube Channel brings us an interesting look at how Peru has become an emerging country and where it may be headed.

Taking us from the economic and social crisis of the 80’s to 2017 in just over 11 minutes, the video below from VisualPolitik EN Youtube Channel is a great summary of the remarkable journey Peru has taken in the last 30 to 40 years.

Presidents Alejandro Toledo, Alan Garcia, or Ollanta Humala all left office with very low approval ratings, but, according to this video, their governments have reduced the national debt to levels so low that Peru is one of the least indebted in the world.

This certainly positions the Andean country to be an economic power, but there is much in the country’s political and social dimensions that remain troubling.

Considering that barely 30 years ago the World Bank declared Peru as one of the poorest countries in the world because, principally due to out of control debt and inflation, the economic stability and growth of today is an incredible turnaround. Yet Peruvians remain unhappy with their politicians and corruption has resurged to be a primary concern for the country’s people.

With its vast natural resources, hardworking populace, and rich cultural identity, Peru could be as socially and economically advanced as any nation in Europe. Every Peruvian or foreigner living in Peru knows this. This video helps put perspective on what has held the country back and where it may be going in the future.

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