Peru Named Best Cultural Tourism Destination

Peru Named Best Cultural Tourism Destination

Mike Dreckschmidt

Peru wins yet another shining tourism accolade, this time in Hong Kong, as the Andean country consolidates its position as the world’s leading cultural tourist destination.

Barely a month after being crowned the Best Tourism Destination in the Americas at the Shanghai World Travel Fair, Peru has once again made a name for itself as a leading country for international tourism.

El Comercio reports that Peru received the award “Best Cultural Tourism Destination” at an International Travel Exhibition in Hong Kong last weekend.

Andina informs that tour operators at the exhibit promoted various attractions in Peru including Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, and the Chavin de Huantar Temple in Ancash.

It is hoped by all concerned that these recent achievements and promotional fairs in China will translate into increasing visits by Chinese vacationers in Peru. Chinese nationals do not need a prior visa to enter Peru as tourists.

Peruvian trade offices and companies appear to be doing their job promoting the country’s tourism interests abroad. Is Peru promoted enough as a tourist destination in your region? Let us know here at Living in Peru.

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