Peru recalls its ambassador in Venezuela

Peru recalls its ambassador in Venezuela

Ana Gamero

Peru condemns Venezuela's anti-democratic system and decides to permanently withdrawal its ambassador there. Do you agree with this?

Venezuela has been involved in a lot of controversies due to its economic system and political measures. On March 30, the Venezuelan President was accused of leading the recent coup. International responses did not wait, including Peru, that decided to end bilateral relations with the neighboring country.

Peru’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ricardo Luna, addressed the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decision to take over the power of the congress and called it an arbitrary measure that goes against democracy. Due to this controversial event, Peru has decided to permanently withdraw its Ambassador, Mario Lí¬≥pez Chí¬°varri, from Venezuela.

Luna has also invited members of the Organization of American States (OAS) to introduce new procedures that will confront this situation.

PPK who previously had some confrontations with the Venezuelan authorities, considers that the Venezuelan coup is unacceptable and claims that South America is a democratic continent.

What do you think?

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