Peru to host world’s most extreme marathon (VIDEO)

Peru to host world’s most extreme marathon (VIDEO)

Hope Ansanelli

Peru becomes the first Latin American country to host the Marathon Des Sables because of its extreme environments.

PromPeru, the country's Tourism Promotion Board has announced that Peru will host the most extreme marathon on earth called the Marathon Des Sables in November 2017, making Peru the first Latin American country to host the event.

Not only does this promote Peru's exposure to the international community, boost tourism and local spending, but also calls attention to future possibilities of Peru for hosting similar events. We may soon see that Peru will be known as a new extreme sports destination. PromPeru, in considering the diverse terrains and climates that Peru has to offer, sees this as a very likely probability.

What is the Marathon des Sables? It claims itself as the most grueling, truly intense ultra marathon where runners are completely responsible for their own well-being throughout the journey. For a week, the runners will trek through the Ica region’s Nasca and Paracas, carrying all of their necessities on their backs! This includes their food rations, water, sleeping gear etc. Time penalties are given out to those who fail to ration their water properly for the 156 miles (250 km) journey through sand dunes, rocky hills, and the blistering heat of direct desert sunlight.

How many people will attend? So far over 300 foreign runners and, more than 50 journalists from international press stations (the United States, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and Europe) will be attending the 6-day race.

Are you crazy (fit to the teeth) enough to run this? If so please share with us your preparation in the comment box below!

But first, check out the video!

(Video: Youtube).

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