Peru to Open 3 New Trade Offices Abroad

Peru to Open 3 New Trade Offices Abroad

Mike Dreckschmidt

Peru looks to open trade offices in 3 new countries while closing down their offices in 2 countries. A new trade agreement is also in the works…

This week, Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Edgar Vasquez announced that Peru will be opening trade offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Argentina while closing down their offices in Ghana and Venezuela because of “complications seen in those markets,” Andina reports.

These decisions were made based on a technical report that evaluated Peru’s needs abroad, focusing on markets that offer new opportunities.

Vasquez also announced that Peru will also begin negotiations with India and Australia on a new Free Trade Agreement that promises to “benefit the local export sector and contribute to the creation of new jobs”, informs Prensa Latina. Meetings with Australia and India will take place in July and August, respectively.

This news comes only a few weeks after opening negotiations with Australia on the subject of a Free Trade Agreement, and it appears to be evolving into something greater that looks to expand Peru’s economic connections abroad.

Talks with India began back in March when meetings were arranged based on the two countries increasing mutual economic importance to each other.

Will negotiations be fruitful? Let us know what you think.

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