Peru’s agro exports continue to grow despite natural disasters

Peru’s agro exports continue to grow despite natural disasters

Ana Gamero

After reconstruction works, agro-exports are expected to double by 2021.

The natural disasters that hit Peru in the first four months of 2017 left more than 100 people dead and more than 210 homes damaged. However, the government and Peruvians are joining efforts to rebuild Peru and keep up with the exports demand.

The Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP) claim that the agricultural exports will not longer be affected, on the contrary, AGAP states that by 2021 the agricultural products will double in their purchases.

In 2016, Peru agro-exports of traditional and non-traditional products registered purchases worth US$5.5 billion and next year’s prediction is US$10 billion.

Peru’s agro sector needs to be more proactive as not all of the cultivable areas are being used. Peru has more than 4 million hectares of crops, however, only 4% of the area is harvested and later on, exported.

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