Peru's National Ceviche Day (VIDEO)

Peru's National Ceviche Day (VIDEO)

Mike Dreckschmidt

Today is National Ceviche Day! Check out this video from Marca Peru about Peru’s national food.

Ceviche is not only Peru’s national food, it is also one of the plates that helped to make Peruvian food known worldwide.

Today, June 28, has been celebrated as National Ceviche Day since 2008, when the Ministry of Production decided to mark a special day to celebrate this food that made the nation’s gastronomy famous.

The exact origin of ceviche is a little mysterious. It seems every theory has been made about its influences and how it came to be an iconic national food for Peru. Japanese, Arab, Spanish, and indigenous influences have all been claimed. Famous Peruvian geographer Javier Pulgar Vidal believed that the word “ceviche” comes from the Quechua word “siwichi” which means “fresh or tender fish”.

Check out this beautiful video on Marca Peru’s Youtube Channel about promoting the national food if you haven’t yet!

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