Peru rescues Galapagos tortoises from traffickers

Peru rescues Galapagos tortoises from traffickers

Ana Gamero

In the northern part of Peru, 29 Galapagos tortoises were rescued on their way to Europe.

The National Forest and Wildlife Service in Peru (Serfor) reported that twenty-nine Galapagos tortoises in danger of extinction were rescued in northern Peru where they were being transported to Europe to be sold.

The black-footed tortoises from Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands were wrapped in tape and were found in a card box. The Galapagos animals were transported in a bus that was traveling from Tumbes to Lima. Two of the 29 turtles died due to the poor conditions of the trip.

The bus driver and the bus company involved in this case are under investigation. Illegal trafficking penalty in Peru of wild species mandates a three to five-year prison sentence.

Chelonians, the Galapagos tortoise, is the largest in the world and it can live up to 100 years. According to a specialist, this tortoise is considered a species in danger and only the Galapagos Islands can provide a safe environment for them.

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