Pisco Does Not Compete in Chile but Wins in France

Pisco Does Not Compete in Chile but Wins in France

Translated by Mike Dreckschmidt

A Peruvian brand won a prize in the French competition Citadelles du Vin.

Last month, everyone was talking about Pisco. The Brussels World Contest, to be held in Chile this year, adapted its rules to the Chilean legislation that prohibited the entry of any brand of Peru’s national drink in the competition if it used the denomination “pisco”.

Thus, Peruvian brands that decided to participate in the aforementioned contest would have to change their name from “pisco” to “grape distillate from Peru” (for those unfamiliar, this is because Chile also claims “pisco” as their national beverage and does not accept that Peru claims to be the drink’s country of origin).

In the beginning, there were 18 Peruvian brands that accepted this condition. However, due to the reaction of Peruvian consumers, this week one of Peru’s deputy ministers, Juan Carlos Mathews, announced that no Peruvian brand will participate in the aforementioned competition.

Despite foregoing the Chilean competition, Peruvian pisco continues to make a name for itself in the world. Proof of this is that Tacama Demonio de los Andes has won the gold medal in the Eau De Vie Blanche category of Citadelles du Vin, a French contest that is party to Vinofed, association of the largest international competitions in the world.

In the category mentioned, all kinds of clear brandies and spirits like Piscos, Italian grappas and Spanish orujos were present. The Peruvian brand beat Vendra del Ulla (Spain) and Kakhetie (Georgia).

The competition, created in 2000, is organized every year by Concours Des Vins (CDV) – a French association – and aims to value the diversity and quality of high-end wines and their derivatives. It is held every year in the city of Bordeaux.

Source: El Comercio

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