Peruvian Students Win Big at International Competition

Peruvian Students Win Big at International Competition

Mike Dreckschmidt

With their “sound library” and a unique cultural blog, secondary students place as finalists in different categories in an international competition.

Barely entering their teens, these students from the department of Lambayeque in northern Peru have made a name for themselves in the international arena.

Canal TV Peru informs us that students Ana Claudia (12), Juan Diego (12), and Diego (13) took second place in a competition called “Day of the Internet” in which they presented their idea of creating a “sound library” inside their school.

The other project was created by secondary students of the same school, Colegio Peruano – Español de Chiclayo, for a competition called “Espiral Edublogs” in which they created a cultural blog about the region of Lambayeque called “Somos Mochica”. The blog took first prize in the competition because of its success in achieving its objective of getting to know the region’s traditional ancestors through interactive books, reports, and other multimedia.

Many congratulations to these outstanding students and their mentors for making a great name for Peru. Keep up the great work!

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