Raspberries Profitable for Small Producers in Peru

Raspberries Profitable for Small Producers in Peru

Mike Dreckschmidt

Fruit specialist says raspberries can be profitable on less than a hectare. How can it be done?

For small producers in Peru, raspberries can be a profitable endeavor, asserts Ministry of Agriculture Specialist William Daga Avalos. Furthermore, Mr. Avalos claims that raspberries can be profitable on only one hectare (2.47 acres) or less, according to Agraria Peru.

With the application of appropriate irrigation, fertilization, and other agronomic management techniques a half hectare could produce 30-40 kilos of raspberry per day. With the price per kilogram going at S/. 30 and the unique varieties of raspberry that Peru produces, the business plan certainly looks good on paper.

Raspberries are exported primarily to Western European countries from Peru, yet it is cultivated on only 80 hectares throughout the country. With the potential for a greater profit from less terrain, it is possible we will see an increase in production in the coming years.

Another advantage is that the raspberry is a durable crop: it can survive cooler winters and hotter summers, making it adaptable to some of the Andean regions of Peru. Can more small producers become integrated into this market? Let us know your thoughts.

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