Clean Up in Pantanos de Villa for World Environment Day

Clean Up in Pantanos de Villa for World Environment Day

Mike Dreckschmidt

Yesterday, students showed what environmental responsibility meant to them in Lima’s only officially established wetland park.

In Lima, students participated in an organized cleanup day to care for one of the capital’s few wetland ecosystems in honor of World Environment Day.

The Pantanos de Villa is a national protected area in the district of Chorrillos and is a haven for many wetland marsh wildlife in Lima, most notably birds.

Primary and secondary school students as well as the Peruvian Air Force School collected wooden blocks, bags, bottles and other contaminating debris in the natural area. Aldo Solimano, technical director of Prohvilla, informed that people continue to throw debris from construction sites into some areas of the park.

Solimano requested the support of the Ministry of the Environment to take action against responsible parties and maintain the protection of the marsh perimeter.

World Environment Day was established by the United Nations Organization in 1972. Since that date, this celebration has become a way to address problems such as the reduction of the ozone layer, the management of toxic chemicals and global warming.

Source: El Comercio

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