Travel Like a Local: Rural Community Tourism

Travel Like a Local: Rural Community Tourism

Ana Gamero

Stay with communities overnight, share their traditions and culture. Get to know the real Peru!

During the Holy Week, visitors can discover Peru in different ways. Some, prefer to go to the beaches and relax, others like to visit the main touristic archeological sites and attractions. This time, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry is launching a new campaign that invites tourists to do rural community-based tourism for immersion in the Peruvian culture.

As part of the rural community-based tourism, tourists will enjoy authentic experiences from the perspective of the locals. This way of tourism creates a great link between visitors and the communities, both will experience a great cultural exchange and raise awareness of the country's traditions.

This innovative form of travel generates inclusion and development for the country because locals will generate income while taking part in touristic activities. Vacationers can choose from 57 rural communities packages in Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Puno, Cusco, Arequipa, Loreto, Ancash, San Martin, Amazonas and Lima.

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