Lomas de Lachay: Paradise away from the beach

Lomas de Lachay: Paradise away from the beach

Ana Gamero

During this time of year travelers tend to choose the southern beaches in Lima. Wouldn’t you like to do something different?

Lomas de Lachay is a natural reserve located in Huaral by the kilometre 105 of Panamericana Norte. It’s a couple of hours north of Lima but it definitely takes you away from the stress of the city. Once at the reserve you can enjoy a three hour walk.

How to arrive:

In Lima, companies offer buses to the city of Huacho; there are also independent businesses that offer small buses or mini vans. As mentioned, to reach the place one has to get off at the Panamericana Norte by the kilometre 105. Nearby, a small path will lead you to Lomas de Lachay.

It is a popular destination, Lomas de Lachay receives 30,000 visitors annually. This beautiful place is known for its unique species of birds and decent sized population of reptiles. Among the bird species, the common kestrel, variable hawl, 'œcactus canastero' and the Andean tinamou can all be observed at Lomas de Lachay.

The best time to visit Lomas de Lachay is between June and November when the flora is in full bloom; between December and May there is not much to see as far as local vegetation. No matter the time of year however it is always an option to consider for a small trip or break from the city.

Camping spaces are available in this area the whole year. One should bring a camping tent, equipment, foodstuff and light clothing.

There are three trekking routes marked with signs that one can follow and they offer a great view.

– Circuito del Zorro (Fox circuit): 30 minutes walk – Circuito de la Tara (Tara seed circuit): 1 hour walk – Circuito de la Perdiz (Partridge circuit): 2 hours walk

There are two areas where visitors can camp and have their meals. If you want to take alternative routes, you should let the administrative center in Las Lomas de Lachay know in advance.

This natural area is definitely worth giving a try and offers a quick and relaxing escape from the city of Lima.

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