Skateboarding Barranco's Streets to Surfing the Pacific's Waves (VIDEO)

Skateboarding Barranco's Streets to Surfing the Pacific's Waves (VIDEO)

Colin Robinson

Early one March morning, two Lima-based expatriate friends decide to ride their human-powered vehicles through Barranco and Miraflores to the Costa Verde surf break, La Pampilla. Colin (skateboard) is a local economic development consultant from Canada, and Nicholas (bicycle) is a doctor from Germany. Neither knew how to surf before moving to Peru.

La Ciudad from Colin Robinson on Vimeo.

(Video: Colin Robinson)

Colin is a Canadian writer, surfer, and social innovation enthusiast. Most recently, he helped start a social project called EqwipHUBS in Lima, which provides personal and professional development training for youth in Lima Norte. He has traveled extensively throughout Peru's diverse coastal, mountain and jungle regions and his favorite Peruvian dishes are Ceviche and Tacu Tacu. Check out Colin's personal website to enjoy more of his writing.

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